No support for the politically incorrect

Copy of a letter to a potential financial supporter

I don't think that your not being in sympathy with my ideas is a good reason for not helping us to break through the censorship against their being expressed.

Even with as much secretarial capacity as I could use, I would not be able to publish more than about one book of my own per year. The idea is to publish points of view which are being suppressed, not only books by us.

And what do you know about my 'views' anyway? What I have managed to put on my website is designed to make more difficult the misinterpretations which are most frequently (in fact almost universally) foisted upon me.

Recently, a lecturer at Hertford College in Oxford was reported as saying that American born residents in Israel were Nazis and should be shot. That is what you call a prescriptive 'view'. The Vice-Chancellor of Oxford said that this was a personal view (on the part of the lecturer) and he deplored 'racism' in any form. (Let's analyse 'racism' some time.)

Actually what this shows is that the lecturer at Hertford is politically correct, anti-capitalist, and very likely went to a state school. At any rate he has the attitudes of an acceptable state school product. This is probably why he is a lecturer at an Oxford college, whereas I, almost certainly with a higher IQ, and having been persecuted at a state school, have never had any academic status or salary (although I was allowed to teach maths without even the status or ludicrous stipend of a college lecturer, the lowest form of academic life).

He, basically, is a socially acceptable person whereas I am not.

Also in the newspapers recently, an article on how parents are sending their offspring to get their A-levels at state schools, to make it easier for them to be accepted at Oxford or Cambridge. Yes, but the snag is that they can't do that without exposing them to the psychological demoralisation and ideological brainwashing of the state schools. Not that, even fifty years ago, there were noticeably any Oxford undergraduates, even if they had not been to state schools (which in those days most of them had not) who had anything to say against the most widely uncriticised, unanalysed assumptions.

Recently some of my friends, at a railway station near here, had rocks thrown at them by children of primary school age. So I am afraid we need to get back to Oxford even more urgently than I expected. I am not reconciled to remaining in a place that is so obviously dangerous to life and limb.

This is what the educational system in this area, which persecuted me and my parents, has been aiming at and has achieved. A population of demoralised child criminals. Every second domestic help we employ is doing an MSc in sociology. A slight exaggeration, perhaps, but an awful lot of them are doing, or about to do, some pretentious-sounding course at some sort of college.

I am very familiar with the situation in which, having got a slight indication of my lack of identification with the modern ideology, people hastily ascribe to me some very crude position (e.g. people with low IQs should be shot) and drop me (and us) like a hot brick, so that we remain completely ostracised and isolated.

I enclose a copy of a letter to a job applicant, which discusses this situation to some extent.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Celia Green