Letter to Prince Charles

text of a letter sent to Prince Charles

Dear Prince Charles,

I see that you are being attacked for saying a few mildly realistic things about education in this country.

I have set up a publishing company, Oxford Forum, for the publishing and dissemination of suppressed points of view, but what we can publish is only a tiny fraction of what could be said. Meanwhile oppressive points of view are proliferating; tendentious material supporting them flows out of all media channels every day.

I enclose a pre-publication copy of my latest book, Letters from Exile, which, like our earlier publications, will be almost totally suppressed when it is published. The censorship is very effective, depending as it does on anyone potentially critical of the prevailing ideology being deprived of financial support and social status. Even those who hold supposedly "right-wing" views are not willing to support those who wish to criticise, or even bring out explicitly, the universally accepted underlying assumptions which are taken as justifying oppression and persecution.

There is no hope of the books we publish being commercially successful, since they are suppressed and ignored as far as possible. Forcing unfashionable views on modern society depends largely on expensive methods such as presenting books to university and other libraries.

In the book which I am sending you, you will find some discussions of modern education, among other things. Modern education is not only unrealistic, but actually destructive of the lives of the potentially "privileged" minority of talented and functional people. Indeed, one could say that the purpose of the modern education system is to destroy them.

We are, of course, very badly in need of financial support, and, if we had it so that we could publish on a more adequate scale, our efforts might infinitesimally retard the process of the breakdown of civilisation and the return to barbarism, which the former aristocracy should feel some responsibility for opposing.

We would be happy to publish a book by yourself, critical of modern education or of modern society generally, if you would provide the necessary funding for its production and promotion. Publishing such a book would give our Oxford Forum imprint some publicity. However, even if you do not feel inclined to do this, or know anyone who would pay for us to produce a book by themselves in the same way, we have no shortage of material both by ourselves and by other people which we are being prevented from publishing only by financial restrictions.

We call ourselves the high-IQ ghetto of Oxford, and we represent the true persecuted underclass of modern socialist society. I hope you may wish to get to know us to hear what we can tell you about what is going on.