inversions & deceptions
 in an ‘egalitarian’ culture


n.   1 the rule of the mediocre

        2 the triumph of style over substance

The emperor has no clothes ...

Why do some areas of culture seem to be dumbing down, while others are increasingly incomprehensible? Why is so much emphasis given to presentation, while the underlying substance often seems muddled or vacuous? Fabian Tassano argues these things are symptoms of ‘mediocracy’, a new model of society in which content is sacrificed in favour of appearance and ideological correctness.

Mediocracy takes a satirical tour of contemporary culture, revealing how our arts and universities suffer from the same diseases as our politics — dishonesty and pretentiousness. Tassano shows how egalitarianism and postmodernism have debased concepts such as ‘philosophy’ and ‘creativity’ to the point of parody.

‘A witty exposure of left wing foibles.’
Sir Samuel Brittan

‘A marvellous counterblast against the psychobabble emanating from the politically correct pseudo-intellectuals who now infest British academia.’
Frederick Forsyth

‘Delightfully dissects the language of modern egalitarianism and political correctness. Witty, biting and definitely not to be read by New Labour.’
Professor Patrick Minford

‘Read this book and gain important insights into the way that the cultural elite’s language works to disorient public debate.’
Professor Frank Furedi

ISBN 978 09536772 69

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