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Coffee meetings

We are currently having coffee meetings in place of seminars. These are held on Tuesdays at 4.30pm in Cuddesdon near Oxford.

We would like people to come and meet us so that something realistic can be circulating about the potential advantages to people of moving to live nearby.

If you wish to come to a coffee meeting, please get in touch at least a week before the date you are considering coming.

The coffee meetings are intended primarily for people of student age and those who are retired.

While we are happy in principle for other academics to attend these meetings, it is potentially invidious for us to meet those who have managed to survive the negative aspects of contemporary academia whether through luck or through lowering their standards and who are not giving us any support either by donations or by coming to work here in vacations.

Where salaried academics are concerned, we are therefore only willing to meet them if they first make a donation of at least 1000.

We are in the position of intellectuals unjustly exiled from academia, and are having to support ourselves by our own efforts. It seems reasonable to us to expect fellow intellectuals inside the system, who are financially comfortable, to make a token contribution to our efforts, if they want to interact with us.

If people who come do not recognise the disadvantage and hardship of outcast academics with high IQs sufficiently to wish to relieve it, then it is unlikely that there can be any positive outcome from meeting them.

For further details, or to contact us about coming, please email us at

Request for help

We would be grateful to hear from anyone who would be willing to distribute some book leaflets and advertising pens for us.

If willing to help us in this way, please email us, giving your postal address.