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Aug 2006
Comments on article about truant teenage girl

Jul 2006
Gifted children and Glasgow University

May 2006
Comments on the activities of the Labour Chancellor

Feb 2006
Comments on the class war

Dec 2005
Comments on pensioners failing to apply for rebates

Jul 2005
To a professor about our need for people to work with us

June 2005
Victims of the childsnatchers

May 2005
Modern 'relationships'

January 2005
What it's like to be an exiled intellectual

March 2004 - Comments on slavery and being the citizen of a collectivist state

January 2004
Moves to clarify privacy rules in wake of Soham

June 2003
Mythical tribal psychology as a basis for legislation

February 2003
Notes for an article on a newspaper items

December 2002
Girl Bullies

November 2002
More discrimination against high IQs

October 2002
Betrayed in care

July 2002
Oxford University 'wants the best'?

June 2002
Oppression breeds violence: the German school shooting